Who is Liz Alvarado

Liz was born in Mexico but was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area from a very young age.

Her career in radio started with Estéreo Sol (KSOL) in San Francisco. Shortly after she started her experience on the air as a traffic reporter, and rapidly excelled within the company and took her to Southern California where she now works for Univision Radio Los Angeles for multiple markets including San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, and Houston to name a few.

Liz is bilingual and bicultural, she is creative and a perfectionist, but definitely with a lot of discipline and determination in her goals. She likes to challenge herself quite often with something new. 

Her passion for music takes her to enjoy all genres, both English and Spanish.


Besides the radio, her second passion is fitness and wellness. Liz is a bilingual Spanish and English breath-work and meditation practitioner, influenced by her day time career as a radio broadcaster and her personal life-changing experiences with meditation.

Liz took a rigorous six months Meditation Teacher training course, with Melanie Yetter, Meditation and Mindfulness Educator with UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC).  

Just as it is important to have a good night's sleep, eating healthy, exercising, and meditating is vital for Liz, it’s part of her daily routine. 

In addition to the radio & fitness, Liz is also the host and creator of the successful podcast 

"Liz Alvarado The Podcast" previously Metamorphosis Fitness.

It is in this podcast where her passion for fitness, health, and wellness takes place. It is a weekly commitment where Liz brings guests & experts with informative episodes but with a lot of motivation where you can improve your knowledge about fitness, health, and personal growth. But also has few episodes where Liz shares her personal struggles, successes, and goals.

If you have not heard it yet, look it up in iTunes and SoundCloud or Spotify under “Liz Alvarado The Fitness Podcast” or click on the podcast tab here on the website...


Remember, "Every GOAL begins with a dream ... believe in yourself and make it happen! You put the limits. In this process, you will not only learn to know yourself better, but you will grow personally, mentally, physically, and emotionally. That will be your transformation ... ..that is called and defined as MetaMorfosis !!



Welcome to my world.

Liz Alvarado

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